Surviving a Silenced Heartbeat by Annette Harris

S.A.S.H. is not just a book,
it’s a movement!

About the Author

Annette Harris, is multifaceted, and as the CEO of her own corporation (GetcaughtinANet Inc.), a broadcast and podcast host, and a Certified Mental Health Ambassador she absolutely loves all things psychology! Annette has been known to analyze everything and everyone, because she gets satisfaction out of understanding what is really going on in an individual’s mind. Reading, writing, watching intense television dramas and suspense filled movies, listening to thought provoking podcasts, singing, going to concerts, taking walks to enjoy nature, eating good food, going on vacation and online shopping are some of the things she does to maintain positive mental health. Annette’s immediate and extended family are extremely important to her and spending time with her siblings, her nieces and nephews is essential to making lasting memories. In September, 2022, Annette and her husband, Anthony Harris, will celebrate 25 wonderful years of marriage.

39 years
And I still hear your heart beating
As if it were only yesterday

No matter how long it has been since you lost a loved one, the process of healing needs to take place. Everyone, and I do mean “every” person, will take death differently.  Sometimes it helps to hear about the journey of someone else.


The personal experiences within this book were written from my eyes as a child. I wanted to be as transparent as I could so that my story could be relatable.  You will experience some highs and lows, along with laughter and tears. You will also see that I have nicknames for certain family members, such as our dad. Wherever you see the name, “deddy”, it replaces “daddy.” Don’t worry, that is what we called him; I did not misspell it!


If we are honest with ourselves, no one likes to go through the lows of this life alone. Being able to relate to others will help us to understand their pain. This will in turn help to facilitate mental, emotional and spiritual healing for all.


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39 years
And I still hear your heart beating
As if it were only yesterday